Car Sharing

Due to suburban sprawl, automobiles seem to be a necessity in the United States.  However, in many European cities, cars are extremely expensive and not nearly as necessary due to efficient public transportation systems.  But, even though cars may not be needed in daily life, some Europeans might need cars for special circumstances.  That is where Car Sharing comes in.

In Malmö, Sweden, sustainability is a priority.  All public busses run on fuel generated from food waste, run-off is managed by carefully engineered above-ground gutters, green roofs are the norm, and a sustainable housing development has been built on the site of their former shipyard.  In this development, called Bo01, or the Malmö Western Harbor, a car sharing program called Sunfleet exits.

A Sunfleet Solar Charging Center

A Sunfleet Solar Charging Center in Malmö

Sunfleet offers both electric and hybrid-electric vehicles for rent by the hour.  Citizens of the Western Harbor automatically gain membership to Sunfleet when they move into an apartment there and can use cars when they need them for special trips.  Sunfleet also offers carpool programs, where people can sign up to carpool with others who need a car for a similar trip.  Otherwise, many citizens do not own a car, but rather use public transportation.

It is programs like these that will make the difference in the coming years.  The fact that electric vehicles are shared is even better!

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