Thanksgiving Feast: Toast to Electric Motors on Energy Saving


Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect and give thanks to family, and friends as well as to the nation. This past Thanksgiving week, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) proposed a more efficient standards for Electric Motors “by applying the standards currently in place to a wider scope of electric motors for which DOE does not currently regulate”, which had been agreed by both motor manufacturers and efficient advocates reach agreement on this new standards.


People could get more sense on how important this new regulations on energy saving once they realize the fact that electric motors use about 1/2 of all electricity consumed in U.S industry. It is estimated the new efficient standard could save about 3%-5% on energy saving by regulating a large scope of motors, which is of great significance on cost saving for manufacturers and pollution control. Beside, it also create great opportunity for addressing unemployment issues and make U.S. industry become more competitive globally.

Thanks will not end with eating up the turkey on the holiday, we are working together to increase energy efficiency, cut cost and make our commitment to produce less negative environmental effect by action!

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