Richard Hatfield And Paul Thede Shatter Records

Richard Hatfield is the CEO of Lightning Motorcycles. The company that manufactured the top bike for the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb get some recognition for their brilliance.

I for one am a huge fan of an electric motorcycle being top dog. In making their 218 mph run in the salt flats they only used 18 cents worth of energy. 18 cents to go over 200 mph! That’s a roller coaster ride I would pay to be a part of. The bikes are going for about 39,000 which is steep for a new bike, but if I had 40 grand… Richard Hatfield you could have my money.

Paul Thede is the man who rode into glory by throttling the Lightning motorcycle to 218 mph. From what I can tell he is your typical bike junkie with itch for speed.


image and video:

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