2014 BMW mini All Electric Vehicle i3 Shines: Small Outside and Big Inside!


“Hey guys, I am a BMW too, isn’t it?” As hearing this, please do not judge too quickly simply based on foreshadowed “BMW heritage package”. What BMW should be? It is more than blue and white heritage, and appearance design change does not mean it does not fit with the company’s style, instead, i3 turns out to be a environmental-friendly city car with its fast & smooth acceleration and emission-aware power.

In 7.2 seconds, i3 can speed up from 0 to 62 mile/h, this process is accomplished by its strong regenerative braking system as well as its traditional accelerator, and the latter is less used, which makes the transition between moves and brakes more smoothly and energy efficiently. As all electric vehicle, i3 isn’t as expensive as Tesla Model S while its contribution to greenhouse emission reduction is of equal significance.

Besides, it has a proven confidence in offering around 118 miles of range, which is sufficient for daily commute. And its potential consumers will be increased with the improving of battery performance and growing number of charging stations. Another undeniable property of battery system in all electric vehicles gives ample room available inside the car.

Now, let us back to the question at the beginning and give its a round applause, saying,”welcome to 2014, BMW city car!”bmw-i3-concept-coupe-2012-widescreen-26

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