Electric Car Powered By Social Media…Built By Students!

This past summer, a group of Kansas City students came together with a shared goal: to build a car.

Not just any car; An electric car.

And this electric car would not run on a battery charged by plugging into a socket, but on Facebook “likes”, “retweets”, and “shares” on social media.

These kids are part of an after-school class called “MindDrive”, a real-life educational program that teaches core subjects through hands-on experience.  Amazingly enough, all the students in this program are considered “at-risk” youth.  Obviously, they were able to shed any stereotypes associated with this label and realize their potential with the help of MindDrive.

The group stripped down an ancient Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to turn it into a minty green electric machine, and drove it “from K.C to D.C.”  They converted social media interaction into watts, which propelled them to their destination.  Their journey attracted the attention of the STEM Coalition, the STEM Alliance, the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of  Education.

What an awesome way to bring attention to electric vehicles and promote environmental awareness, as well as show the power of social media and share the success of this motivated group of young people!

Check out MindDrive’s electric car project here.

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