China EV Outlook

Global EV outlook

China, as the world largest automotive markets, its traditional automotive development is at the price of global quality of air. Considering the greater ambition in its global automotive field, it is significant to take alternative technology into consideration, which will be a sustainable strategy for long run development.

Starting in 2011, China has set aside around 14.7 billion in the investment of new technology vehicles as its 10 year development plan. By 2012, 27432 clean energy vehicles are promoted among 25 pilot cities. To support energy saving, more subsidies are added based on the previous one and the scope of pilot cities is expanding as well in 2013 new technology policy.

Anhui JAC Inc., as one of China’s new energy vehicles supporting companies, has played an active role in electric vehicle development. It team up with GreenTech Automotive Inc.(GTA), an American all-electric vehicles manufacture, in assembling 5 passengers EV. According to Charles Wang, the CEO and chairman in GAT, “this partnership is beneficial to both our companies”. Besides, the product will be a complement to previous two passengers product line. To compete with low cost Nissan Leaf and hot Tesla EV, we have a lot of room to work on!

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