Safer Driving in Electric Vehicle

According to national statistics, almost 30,000 people in U.S. are killed in car crashes. Car is dangerous considering its momentum, size and weight. And what makes it more terrifying is the tank of gasoline, which can cause explosion in accident.

Electric vehicles, standing out from the vehicles on safety consideration with their unique internal combustion in not depending on gasoline. And currently the attention on improving the battery performance including safety concerns have grown greatly. Among them, Volvo C30 beats other electric vehicles in its outstanding safety commitment.

As a member of Electric Vehicles, Volvo C30 are in an average level in its range (90 miles), acceleration rate and charging time, but it wins the customers’ hearts by offering an impressive safety model: by protecting the battery from other parts, offers a separated zone for battery and keeps its cool. Beside, Volvo C30 can automatically shut down the power in crash, reducing the potential scenario of further collision.

No one can deny that car is one of necessity for daily life and in our road ahead, we want our trip faster, cleaner as well as safer.


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