Drive Across America!

Recently Tesla installed a new Supercharging station in Hagerstown, MD. This stop is yet another checkpoint in Tesla’s vision to allow their customers to travel throughout the US for free! No energy or fuel costs to get from Cali to New York. This is not a dream. This is reality.

A few years ago when Tesla launched their campaign to encourage environmental friendly traveling they decided to make free energy available to their customers. They decided to do this through having solar panels supply their electrical network. I believe that through these panels Tesla is receiving more energy than they give to their loyal customers. This is not only a tribute to Tesla’s business model, but also to the advances in solar energy.

The solar cells used now have the ability to support many electric vehicles, and we have the opportunity to take advantage of this. Let’s take a road trip. We can start on the East Coast, in Hagerstown and head to Hollywood!

More info about the Hagerstown Supercharging station

Hear about Tesla’s current Guinness Record Setting Attempt

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