The Walmart WAVE Concept Truck

We focus so much on personal vehicles and their environmental impact that we forget the impact created by other vehicles, like tractor-trailers.  These heavy-duty trucks drive almost constantly and their fuel efficiency is pitiful.

That’s why the EPA is drafting new fuel-economy rules for medium and heavy-duty trucks that will take effect in 2019.

Before this happens though, some companies are taking initiative to improve the fuel-efficiency of their trucks.  One such company is Walmart.  Walmart has come up with the WAVE Concept Truck (or the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck), a tractor-trailer that is lighter and more aerodynamic than its counterparts.  Since this vehicle would be 4,000 pounds lighter than a typical truck, it would be able to carry more cargo without ruining its fuel economy.

Some other concept trucks include the AirFlow Bullet Truck and the “Peterbilt and Cummins SuperTruck.”

Watch this video to learn more about the design of the WAVE.


More info here.

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