Worried About Battery Life?

I still hear different people mention a fear of running out of charge in an EV. This is good to be conscious of, but I wonder how many people fear their cell phone battery dying?

Most cell phone and laptop batteries function on the same battery style as an electric car does: the lithium ion battery. Personally, I never worry about my phone or laptop running out of charge because I know that I can plug in almost anywhere. If my phone is about to die I can do certain things to minimize battery usage, or I can plug it in to a power source. That could be another battery pack, my laptop, or an outlet in any public building. The same thing can be done for electric cars. I have not heard of an electric car that cannot be hooked up to a standard house outlet to charge with 120V. This can take a while to charge, but if you plug in at each place you stop then you never need to go to a gas station. You would get a trickle charge every time you stop, and you keep extending your range because it is almost always charging between the regenerative braking and the outlet power.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that gas cars aren’t out of this conversation. I know people who have had to have a friend bring them a couple gallons of gas because they ran out of fuel. AAA can normally help out too, but what about jump starting the car? Can an EV take power from another car in a similar fashion to jump starting the combustion engine, but have it so the EV gets say 20 miles out of the jump? At this point I am not sure if that exists for electric cars, but I feel that would help many people relax.

Image found at: Flickr

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