Saving in the Long Term

Not until recently after I have decided to purchase a car, I did not realize how confusing the car buyers could be when making his/her decision. It could be helpful to learn more knowledge before getting your car. The choice is affected by the price, how often it is used, what it is used for, how long requires on daily range, etc. Unfortunately, most of time, we put too much weight on car price and ended up with huge maintenance or energy filling cost.


We have so much dependence on car in our daily life. We want it take us to grocery store, commute to work, pick up kids in a reliable and economical way. Compared to the conventional vehicles, among them, electric vehicles are getting more advantages in the long run. One of my friends who just bought Toyoto Pirus 2014 cannot help telling me how efficient it is in saving energy. “It definitely brings us a serious impact on fuel cost and I am so happy to have it.” Besides, the electric vehicle consumers get incentives and policy privilege such as having access to HOV and special parking spot reserve. For those who have got a traditional car, have told me more than once that they will consider replacing what they have in future. I can expect the market for EV continue to grow and maybe the car buyers today need to make a wise decision in the long term. Think about it!

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