GM and EV Power Pros At UMBC

UMBC’s annual concert, Quadmania will be hosting both GM, and EV Power Pros. GM will be bringing the EV Spark to be displayed for the concert goers. We will be able to talk about the nuts and bolts of the EV technology. EV Power Pros will also be there to share about some of the charging stations that have been put up in the Baltimore area.

For any who would like to come tickets for the music festival Saturday, April  26th are $10. This includes all the rides that will be there. I have heard that there will be elephants, and inflatable obstacle courses. The $10 also gets you in to see live music all day, and the headlining band is A Great Big World. The show will be awesome! Quadmania begins at 12pm on Saturday. Both Clarance Davis, Jr. and Kenneth Winters will be able here to promote electric cars, charging stations, and enjoy the festival!

Tickets can be bought at

or at the CIC within UMBC. For information on that call 410-455-1000.Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 12.44.21 PM

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