Localizing EV Production

One of the greatest critiques of electric vehicles is the fact that they source rare materials from all over the world.  The extraction and transportation of these materials can cause such a great amount of degradation and pollution that for many drivers, these processes discount the environmental friendliness of EVs.  In an effort to reduce this problem, Tesla has decided to source raw battery materials only from North American once its battery gigafactory is finished.

By taking this step, Tesla will not only decrease its environmental costs but the company may also save money by reducing shipping and transportation costs. Among the metals Tesla will begin to source locally are graphite, lithium, and cobalt.  North American companies will extract these metals more sustainably than in China due to higher restrictions on pollution in Canada and the US.

Will this make EVs greener, or will it just lead to more pollution closer to home?  We’ll have to see as Tesla continues its plans for its new battery factory.

More info here.

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