Voltage Sparked at Quadmania 2014!




Chevy’s electric Spark, and hybrid volt making their debut at Quadmania!







The star of the show at the concert entranceway, the Spark. They are only sold in California and Oregon at this point, but support from other states may expedite their introduction to other locations.




A curious student learning about what that contraption is on the table. That is a display unit for a EV Power Pros level 2 charging station. Spark&Volt There were many attractions inside of the venue, but these cars were part of the welcoming committee. With any luck maybe we will be able to offer students a ride in the quietest vehicle they have ever ridden in. Maybe they can experience their rock show before the concert with a car that has no engine noise.

Having this outreach was made possible thanks to GM’s Clarence Davis Jr., and EV Power Pros’ Ken Winters. They supplied the Spark and Volt, respectively, and were great to work with for this event. I hope to work with them at another event in the future.


Question to our readers: Were you able to make it to Quadmania? What did you think about the show, and the electric cars?

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