A Day to TH!NK About

Gabriela, Ameera, and I travelled to Cockeysville to speak with Craig Dennis of EuroStar Auto Gallery about his last set of compact EVs. The TH!NK City was first revealed mid 2008, and its history dates back to 1991 when the first prototype was developed. These cute coupés have up to a 110-mile range in the city and are fully electric, with zero-emissions. It charges from empty to full in 4 hours at a Level 2 station.

After driving it into the showroom, Mr. Dennis exhibited the tough scratch-proof body and informed us about the materials used to make the panels. In fact, 95% of the TH!NK is recyclable, including its panels, fabrics, body, supports, and adhesives. Next, we took a look inside the compact and it revealed a large interior and trunk space.

Gabriela then got behind the wheel of the TH!NK and took it for a test drive. She said it was a smooth ride with great pickup, and the roomy interior made her feel a lot more secure on the road next to large trucks and SUVs. TH!NK City retails for $22,500 at EuroStar, and Mr. Dennis was quick to remind us of the state and federal tax incentives, bringing the cost down to $14,000. He added that vehicles like this are great for new or young drivers because of their safety features and limited top speed (70mph), and are also very good for individuals living in urban areas.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a brief video explaining more about the TH!NK City!