Audi Gears Up For Predicted Boost in EV Market

Audi is gearing up for the future of electric vehicles by putting in research and drawing up blueprints for a wider range of high performance electric vehicles that will be able to compete with the U.S. firm Tesla Motors. In anticipation of the EV market picking up Audi is attempting to push its way to the head of the pack and knock Tesla off its EV pedestal.

Audi gears up for predicted boost in EV market

Several analysts are asserting that the electric vehicle market will see a sharp rise in sales come the end of the decade. With this in mind Audi is gearing up to launch its first purely electric car, which will be a battery-powered version of their R8 supercar. The vehicle is scheduled to hit the European market in 2015. It will dote a driving range of approximately 280 miles, which is close to Tesla’s top selling model. Audi is making big plans for its electric vehicles having devised multiple blueprints for high performance electric saloons and sport utility vehicles. The company wants to be prepared for the, as they see it, inevitable acceleration in the demand of electric vehicles. One of their blueprints is of an electric version of their Q8 SUV that would be in direct competition with Tesla’s Model X. Audi aims to have each of their new electric vehicles have a range of approximately 400 km.


It is predicted that sales of electric vehicles are going to see a 2.7 million increase globally by 2018 as more and varied models hit the market and battery costs decrease while the installation of charging stations increase. The electric vehicle market is anticipating a huge surge and Audi will be prepared with several different EV models when the time comes.

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