Spotted! Volkswagen E-Golf Testing in Baltimore

egolf, volkswagen, electric vehicle

Upon placing signage on our campus this week, we stumbled into a man testing the new Volkswagen E-Golf. It has not been released yet in the US but is set to come out on July 1st. This is coincidence was a bit too uncomfortable for the man driving the car. He was hired by Volkswagen to drive the E-Golf around and test that it was compatible with the EV infrastructure we have on our campus and I am assuming in other places in Baltimore since Maryland is one of the few states where the E-Golf will be launched in November.

The model we saw today looked strikingly similar to the other new VW Golfs set to come out soon. This is a refreshing take on EV style and marketing. One of the biggest turn-off’s for potential EV buyers is that EV’s tend to look too futuristic for their own good. I think the decision to keep the E-Golf aesthetically in line with the rest of the new VW’s is a smart move since the golf shape is classic and I don’t see their customer base wanting something foreign. The more that companies try to make their electric vehicles separate from the rest of their cars, the more foreign and unattainable they appear to their customers. Integrating this vehicle visually really sets Volkswagen apart from other companies with EV’s right now.

When I asked how the first fully electric vehicle from VW drove he responded “very nicely, its a great little car.” Sounds like Volkswagen lovers in Maryland will soon have a new electric option that doesn’t sacrifice style or driving experience.