Who is Charlie Garlow?

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Charlie Garlow, a man of many interests. Of his utmost, electric vehicles! Charlie is the President of Washington DCs Electric Vehicle Association (EVADC), as well as an avid vehicle converter. You may have read in our previous posts about his 1974 Porsche, which he converted to rely solely on wind and solar power, but did you know he also drives a Prius! (Saving the best for last, here, clearly.)

Everyone has low-key days, where they’d rather the depth than the breadth. I would assume these are the days Charlie grabs the keys to the Prius… Or perhaps he saves the Porsche for exclusive outings.

There is potential for members of the EVADC to be participating in Takoma Park’s 4th of July parade next weekend, so take a break from BBQ’ing to come check it out! And as a bonus, here’s a video of Charlie explaining how a solar cooker works.