A new Era in HEV Batteries!

Performance has always been a major issue for the HEVs that demand a high power and durable and safe battery. With the increasing demand, the Lithium-Ion Battery technology for HEV can bring a revolutionary change to HEVs in the market. High capacity batteries accompanied with light weight can perform twice as better as the conventional cells for some of the HEVs. The compact size of the battery eases the installation process simplifying the car design. Regenerative breaks that store the breaking energy as electricity makes the batteries more efficient and increases the capacity. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is powered with the Lithium-Ion Battery that gives a speed of 62MPH with complete electric power compared to 47MPH 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The Lithium-Ion Batteries need a battery management system (BMS) while being charged. Each cell of the battery being charged has to be monitored for voltage and temperature so as to prevent excessive charging. Since these cells have varying capacity while some cells are charging, others might have an elevated voltage. A BMS can protect the cells from overheating and shut off current for an overheated cell to protect others. There can be a high risk of danger for a Lithium-Ion Battery without a BMS

No matter what, an EV is as good as its battery. With an extended lifecycle, less maintenance, light weight, economic benefits and less space these batteries are a step forward for the HEVs.

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