Tesla’s New Resale Value Guarantee Option



409947-tesla-model-sIn 2014, Tesla offers two different lease options. One is called traditional lease option. With the federal tax breaks and gas savings, the final cost for consumer to drive a Tesla under this option is estimated to be around $408/month. In order to claim the operating expenses, the customer needs to find out the actual cost based on the standard mileage rate. However, once the consumer decides a method for the lease, they have to stick with the same method during the whole lease period.

Moreover, Tesla has created a new smart lease option called the Resale Value Guarantee that is welcomed by many people. The new option combines the comfort of driver’s ownership with all the advantages of a traditional lease option. This financing product is very different from other traditional lease programs in the market ; the drivers actually buy the car, however, they will be able to sell their Model S back to Tesla for a certain value after three years. The final resale amount will be estimated at the time of delivery and is expected to be higher than other premium sedan brand, such as BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. Furthermore, with a car loan provided by Tesla’s banking partners, this program offers drivers the opportunity of “leasing” the car. And also, because under this option the customers actually own the Tesla, they can still get the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. Thus, the new Resale Value Guarantee Option is a very smart and good way that gives many people the chances of owning a Tesla with affordable prices.

For personal use, probably Resale Value Guarantee is a better option for many people. However for business use vehicle, the businesses have to analyze the number to see which option is better. Tesla now has created a calculator on their official website to let consumers easily estimate their expecting cost under different lease options.