At BWI, You Can Charge While You Fly

Tesla Model S plugged in and charging in Hourly Garage

Tesla Model S plugged in and charging in Hourly Garage

The other UMBC interns and myself began to wonder what places in our area may have PEV (plug- in electric vehicle) infrastructure. With the Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport being within fifteen minutes of our school, Gargee, Juan, and I took a field trip to see what BWI had to offer. Here’s what we found…

Before entering the hourly parking garage every vehicle has to get a ticket and in front of you stands a large sign that says how many levels to the garage and where are the most spaces available. On this sign we did not see any indication of PEV stations. Luckily, we knew the charging stations in this garage were on the first level from doing some online research prior, so we entered level 1 of the garage.

Right inside level 1 we spotted this sign above us…


A few of these signs led us to the PEV stations in this garage. Here were found four level 2 charging stations (240 kwh) close to the elevator. Each spot had a large, green EV charging symbol indicating the specific use of the spot, with a level 2 SemaConnect ChargePro station in the front. Two of these spots were being utilized- by a Tesla Model S and a Chevy Volt. The charging stations had a blue light to indicate availability and a green light to indicate occupied/charging. The screen on the charging station showed if the charge was complete, how many kilowatts have been consumed, and how long the vehicle has been charging.

We left the hourly garage, and next made our way to the daily parking garage. Unlike the hourly, this garage had EV charging signage on the outside even before entering. Upon entering we saw the same signs (shown above) as the other garage, which led us to the SemaConnect ChargePro stations. These were also on level 1 (it said some were also offered on level 9, but this level was closed off). Arriving at the four charging stations on level 1 we were surprised (and excited!) to see all four of the stations being utilized.

All in all, we were impressed with the eight EV charging stations we found on the first level of each garage. Can’t wait to see more installed in the future. Good job, BWI!

To view our video footage click here.