EV Fest 2014

With electric vehicle sales just about doubling in the past three years it seems about time that EVs make their way up to “festival status.” Electric vehicles are becoming common enough that, like films, music, art, and bikes, they have made their way into the festival scene. On Saturday July 5th EV owners gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Oregon to celebrate the growth of electric vehicles. The festival featured gas to electric conversion demonstrations and displayed floor model electric vehicles. Anyone from passionate environmentalists to curious passersby’s were welcome. Participants in the festival were able to ask owners of electric vehicles about EVs costs and other general questions.


The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association hosted this festival. The OEVA describes themselves as a “non-profit association of electric vehicle enthusiasts.” Their goal is to promote electric vehicle education and encourage the safe construction and use of EVs. OEVA has hosted several events including a yearly “EV Awareness Day” from 2005-2010, a yearly “EV Celebration Day” from 2011-2013, and its first EV Festival that took place this year. The members of OEVA meet monthly and dote an impressive list of owned electric vehicles among the group.


While electric vehicle festivals are not as common as, say, a film festival, it is still encouraging to see events like this held in honor and celebration of EVs. Festivals are a fun and proactive way to increase outreach and education on electric vehicles for the public. Hopefully we’ll be seeing an electric vehicle festival in Maryland soon.

See pictures of EV Fest 2014 and get some more information here.