Happy birthday, Nikola Tesla!

Happy Birthday, TeslaToday is Nikola Tesla’s 158th birthday! Tesla was an inventor and electric engineer, who is credited for his contributions to alternating current, electrical supply systems, and the induction motor. You may be familiar with the vehicle company, Tesla Motors, whose name is a homage to the great inventor. The company stated, “without Tesla’s vision and brilliance, our car wouldn’t be possible. We’re confident that if he were alive today, Nikola Tesla would look over our 100 percent electric car and nod his head with both understanding and approval.”

Among his other great inventions, Nikola Tesla also developed wireless energy transfer. At the 1893 World Fair in Chicago, he demonstrated how you could use phosphorous light bulbs to transmit energy wirelessly through a process called electrodynamic induction. Basically, through this process, electric currents can be sent long-distance through the earth’s atmosphere. Imagine a world where you wouldn’t need to find a charging station. Rather, your all-electric vehicle could be charged out of thin air. Good thinking, Tesla!

Via: The Week