Another Opportunity to Recharge

One of the greatest obstacles that electric vehicle owners face is a depleted or low battery that minimizes their range capability.  Many people drive moderate to long distances to and from work every day and are able to charge their PEV (plug-in electric vehicle) at home overnight. However, what about the eight plus hours while they are at work? This would be an opportune time to recharge one’s vehicle to optimize its full range. In fact, recharging at work could potentially double their commuting range.

The Department of Energy  (DOE) has launched the Workplace Charging Challenge to increase workplace charging infrastructure.   This challenge has employers (partners) sign a pledge to make a “bold commitment” to provide charging access at their establishments.

These partners who sign the pledge will:

-Commit to assessing their employee charging demands

-Take action by installing charging infrastructure

-Share their progress and effects of the implementation

I believe that many people are hesitant to buy electric vehicles partly because of the lack of charging stations that will result in their inability to travel long distances. If more employers sign the Workplace Charging Challenge, perhaps it will make some interested, potential EV buyers feel comfortable taking the leap to hybrid or all electric.

For more information on the Workplace Charging Challenge click here.