German Transformer Robots: Its big, its powerful, and it has a secret.


In light of the new Transformers movie and the content of this blog post, please watch this YouTube video before reading the article! Click here and prepare yourself

The Krupp Bagger 288 is a German-built bucket-wheel excavator used for strip coal mining. It has been the largest earth-moving machine in the world since its initial production in 1978 for mining firm Rheinbraun for the Hambach strip-mines in Germany. The machine also has wheels, therefore classifying it as the world’s largest vehicle as well. The Bagger 288 has the ability to extract 240,000 cubic meters of material overburden per day- comparable to the size of two football fields dug 30 meters deep. The machine is 705 feet long and 311 feet tall making it even larger than NASA’s Crawler-Transporter, which was the machine used to carry the Space Shuttle and the Apollo rocket. The Bagger 288 can travel between 6.6 to 32.8 feet per minute at an average speed of 0.1 to 0.6 km/h and cost a total of $100 million to manufacture. It weighs over 45,5000 tons and literally crushes roads, highways, and rivers that it must cross to reach its next location.

So why am I writing a review on a massive coal mining machine? The Bagger 288 is not only the largest machine/ vehicle in the world, but also the largest ELECTRIC machine/vehicle in the world. Yes you read that correctly- the Bagger 288 operates 100% on supplied electricity! It requires 16.56 Megawatts of electricity to carry out its daily actions, which is more electricity than the average American household uses in a year.  Alternatively, the Tesla Roadster has a 185 kW motor, equating to about 5.4 Teslas per Megawatt. Therefore, it would take almost 90 Tesla Roadsters to power the Bagger 288. The manufacturing company Krupp has identified though that the Bagger 288 produces about 43% less greenhouse gasses than its diesel-powered counterparts. While the Bagger may be doing its part to reduce its carbon emissions, it’s more than ironic that it is doing so by mining coal.


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