Electric Vehicle Charging Road

Zong Yi, a 44-year-old Chinese businessman and Tesla Model S owner is building an “electric vehicle charging road” that goes from Beijing to Guangzhou, approximately a 1400-mile stretch of land. Yi has paid about 730,000 Yuan, or close to $117,558 U.S. dollars, for the construction of charging stations in 16 Chinese cities.

BN-DS304_0716ph_G_20140716104729Zong Yi, left, next to one of his charging stations. Xu Lei, right, donated a parking spot to place Mr. Zong’s charging pillar

Yi reached out to Tesla executive Wu Bixuan to purchase 20 recharging stations to be donated for theelectric vehicle charging road. Additionally, Yi made his project clear through online social media sources such as Sina Weibo, a social media outlet equivalent to twitter. Yi posted that he was on the look out for property owners with available parking spaces that would be willing to help his project by providing space to install the chargers. In turn, the property owners would benefit by choosing whether they want to charge for their service or offer free charging service. Yi received over 500 replies to his social media campaign allowing him to expand his project to hotels and easy to find locations.


The completed project will be labeled as “China Electric Road” on an online map. Yi notes that with the expansion of electric vehicle charging stations, expansion of the electric vehicle demand in consumers will also expand.

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