Top Electric Vehicle Networks – Part 2

As we think about how to get more electric vehicles on the road, there is one important piece to achieve this: infrastructure. This infrastructure will be supporting the growing number of electric vehicles on the road. Therefore, they are crucial to the furthering of EV fleets. Here is part 2 of the top charging network companies, take a look at Part 1 here:


Formerly known as Coulomb Technologies, Chargepoint is an electric vehicle infrastructure company. ChargePoint Network includes public charging stations, a consumer subscription plan and utility grid management technology for electric utility companies to smooth electrical demands on the grid. Their goal is to help people make the switch to EVs and to provide an open charging network so they can plug in wherever they go. ChargePoint is focused on providing a seamless charging experience for drivers, partners and station owners.


Products: Single and dual charging station, wall mount stations, Level 2 family charging stations specifically for fleets.

Services: Chargepoint uses CT4000 Series chargers that features cloud-based services to manage charging operations including access, pricing, power distribution, charging notifications. Their network is displayed on a mobile application where people can find real-time availability and location of charging stations. For commercial customers, Chargepoint offers charging station’s LCD to run their own content and customizable signage and branding.


Contact: All ChargePoint stations are networked and managed through ChargePoint Service Plans and backed by 24/7 driver phone support (888) 758 4389.



The company focuses in creating EV charging network to serve residential and commercial sites. Their current markets are in California, Houston, Dallas and the greater Washington DC area. Their EV service headquarter is located in Houston Texas.


Products: Single and dual charging station, wall mount stations, Level 2 family or commercial charging stations. Also they offer an interactive map to show all available stations.

Services: The NRG eVgo network delivers level 2 home, multi-family and workplace charging in conjunction with DC fast-charging Freedom Station sites that can deliver range at a rate of up to 150 miles per hour. They offer monthly plans in the Maryland area of DC fast chargers and Level 2 chargers for both home and work charging. Their charging plans extend to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.


Contact: (855)509-5581 or via email