Anti-ICEing bill passed in Howard Co.


Last Tuesday we posted on this up-coming decision making its way through Howard County. CB36-2014 bill also known as “The anti-ICEing bill” prohibits the parking a non plug-in vehicle in a parking space designated for plug-in vehicles. The term ICEing comes from the Internal Combustion Engine vehicles that park in electric vehicle (EVs) charging stations, blocking the use of charging for EVs. This past Friday the bill passed in a 4-0 decision in Howard County Council. If you wrote to the council members, we would love to extend our deepest gratitude.

When this bill goes into effect about two months from now, it will mean that a vehicle that is not a plug-in that is parked at a charging station with an official regulatory sign can be ticketed or towed in Howard County. One important part of the legislation is that proper official signage must be present for this law to apply. At the moment, few places in Howard County have this sign so the work is not over for Howard County government to work with private industries to disseminate and enforce this law.

A special thanks to @Lanny, and his blog on charging stations, for keeping us up to date on this legislation and photo credit of the official signage.