Increasing EV sales by BYD in China!

With the adoption of electric vehicles for public Transportation, China plans to widen its look at green-car strategy. BYD, A Shenzhen, China based company that struggled initially for its electric car sales now aims to triple the sales to 8,000 units including 2,000 buses. Lu Xueliang, general manager for Asia-Pacific auto sales at BYD said, “We feel the use of electric vehicles in public transport is first step and a more realistic way to promote and popularize the growth product”, encouraging the people to go for electric vehicles on a large scale. They can then further promote electric vehicle to the government organizations and retail car buyers.

In recent month the governments of Beijing and Shanghai started offering subsidies for Build your Dreams (BYD) Auto Co. electric cars. BYD, First Chinese auto maker to produce electric cars, recently sold few of its hybrid outside of its home province. The subsidy rules previously prevented sales of electric and hybrid cars outside their jurisdictions. Such subsidiaries makes the expensive electric cars affordable. These restrictions were a drag to the electric car sales in China and specifically for BYD. It hopes to sell 20,000 electric vehicles in 2014, a huge increase compared to 2,000 sold last year. The sales in the cities of Beijing and Shanghai have already been pushed to 3,294 in the first four months and 8,000 more on order. The increasing sales show a bid to combat pollution and reduce the rising oil dependence. They now aim at putting 500,000 electric and hybrid vehicles on road by 2015 and five million by 2020.

BYD plans to introduce Chinese cars to the US showrooms as soon as next year. The company is more prepared this time, though it wasn’t ready to do so earlier in 2010. “Entering the U. S. carries more symbolic meaning to brand building than actually boosting its bottom line.” said Han Weiqi, an analyst with CSC International Holdings Ltd. In Shanghai. They wish to compete on quality and innovation and not on price anymore.  With this attitude and realistic approach, BYD has a promising future in electric vehicle.