Bring your EV Signs: People’s Climate March

Mark your calendars not once, but twice this September! National Drive Electric Week is happening next week from September 15 – 21. This celebration of all things EV aims to promote education about plug-in electric vehicles and their many benefits. There are EV promotion events happening in more than 100 cities nationwide. Register for an event near you.

National Drive Electric Week coincides with a huge event that advocates for a healthy climate. The People’s Climate March is happening on Sunday, September 21 in New York City. This event hopes to be the largest climate march in history! The date corresponds to the pivotal UN summit on the climate crisis. During the summit, world leaders will be discussing an ambitious global agreement to reduce climate change pollution. This UN meeting makes September 21 the perfect time to share our opinions in the form of an impactful march. While the goals of the march are multi-faceted, the main message is to move beyond fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy, an action that will benefit our personal health as well as the health of the entire planet and its ecosystems.

How do electric vehicles relate to this? More than you might realize. A systematic shift to electric vehicles is an important way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, unlike internal-combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles will evolve with the energy grid, becoming greener as fossil fuel is replaced by renewable energy. For these reasons, EV enthusiasts are creating an “EV bloc” at the march this September.

While the People’s Climate March is sure to create a stir on Sunday, the ultimate goal of the march is to form connections and create a platform for the world’s citizens to advocate for environmental justice. This is not a stand-alone event, but a movement towards sustained change in policy. The People’s Climate March is an entry way into continued discussion. Be sure to RSVP if you want to join the thousands of individuals who will be marching on the 21st. Look out for the “EV bloc” of the march and bring your rally signs expressing support for positive change. Your attendance will make our collective voice even stronger.