Formula E-The First All Electric Automobile Race

The first ever all electric automobile race was held in the Capitol of China and was the first of 10 cities to hold all electric races from now until June 2015. Professional race car drivers from across the world gathered in China to take part of this new race, aimed to generate interest in and promote sales of electric vehicles. Most of the vehicles being raced went from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds and reached top speeds of just over 150 miles per hour.

The race took place in Beijing’s Olympic Stadium and had 20 racers competing. The race stretched 50 miles long. The Formula E cars had batteries that put out 28 kilowatt-hours so racers used two cars to complete the race. Racers that have participated in this event feel they are making their statement on the importance of green transportation and living sustainably. Jim Wright, manager of one of the competing teams stated “What we’re trying to show to the world is electric vehicles can be fast, they can be sexy, they can be cool.”

China is the world’s biggest market of automobiles and China’s government views electric vehicles as one of the country’s best solutions for their pollution problems. Team Audi took first place in the Beijing race, keep an eye out for the winners of the next races to be held in London, Buenos Aries, and London.

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