Stella Makes Her Debut

Last week the Plug In Electric Vehicle industry saw another giant, innovative leap taken. The students of Solar Team Eindhoven at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Brabant, the Netherlands have designed  “the world’s first solar powered, energy positive family vehicle”. The Stella made it’s debut in the United States last week  at ITS World Congress in Detroit September 7-11. The plan is now for the Stella to make its way to Los Angeles, California in time for National Drive Electric Week.  The car will start its “tour” by driving up the California coast making stops including: a visit at California State Government and a local middle school on September 18th to outreach about alternative drive options as well as a media event in San Francisco on September 22nd.

The outstanding feat The Stella has accomplished is an almost 500 mile drive on a single charge! Anyone familiar with electric vehicles knows how impressive this is, as it has not been done with any other electric vehicle.  The Stella is also CO2 neutral and energy positive, with it producing twice as much energy as it consumes. We are very fortunate to be able to experience this PEV from the students in the Netherlands and look forward to seeing the reactions and feedback it receives at the National Drive Electric Week.

Check out the video of the presentation of The Stella here.