SEMMARIS introduces new fleet of Renault ZOE Electric Vehicles

Semmaris in partnership with Renault presented a new fleet of Renault Zoe Electric Vehicle in the Rungis International Market, France. The event that was inaugurated in the city of Paris aims to raise awareness about green technologies among the 1,200 companies operating in the market. Introducing a fleet of 7 Renault ZOEs, Semmaris has made on promising impact in the Rungis International Market that serves a whooping number of 25,000 customers.

59840_1_5-1024x682They plan to install slow and rapid charging stations in cooperation with the city of Paris in support to electric vehicle infrastructure. Renault will be offering Rungis buyers the first KANGOO Z.E cars equipped with a cooling unit running on an auxiliary battery, independent from the engine.

Bernard Cambier, Renault Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, France said, “ We are pleased to support Semmaris in its efforts to reduce carbon footprint. Renault firmly believes that electric vehicles offer a real solution to current problems relating to the environment and to noise pollution in urban areas.

With this initiative Rungis could have a bright future with increasing number of EV and EV fleets in the market along with the much needed support to the infrastructure needed. Rungis that has a huge market needs many more ventures similar to Semmaris to increase the number of EV on the road.

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