Electric Vehicle World Record Parade

This past Saturday, over 500 electric vehicles gathered in Cupertino, California for a EV parade. The event was held at De Anza College as a part of National Drive Electric Week, and a Guinness World Records judge was on hand to verify the record. 507 all electric vehicles were counted, breaking the previous record held from an event in Stuttgart, Germany of 481. Organized by the Silicon Valley chapter of the Electric Auto Association and the San Francisco BayLEAFs, the only vehicles allowed were zero-emission, all-electrics.Guinness did not recognize the plug-in hybrids or electric bicycles as electricity was not their only source of power.

The Cupertino event was not the only EV gathering of the week; 152 total events were held in 35 states and in 4 countries. The goal of the weeklong celebration is to enhance awareness of Electric Vehicles by letting people know of their availability, monetary and environmental benefits.  And there was quite the assortment of EVs, ranging from Nissan Leafs and Toyota Rav4 EVs to the popular Tesla Model S. There were also concept vehicles in the parade, most notably the Stella. The solar-powered lead vehicle, built by students of the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, absorbs twice the power needed a day with its solar panels.

Judging by this year’s events, next year should see more events in cities worldwide and hopefully see that world record broken again.

For more information: Plug In America, Guinness Official record page