National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week has come and gone this year and has left thousands of American citizens more excited about electric vehicles than ever before. The event took place in over 150 cities including some cities outside the U.S. It was estimated that over 90,000 people attended the weeks thrilling events throughout the week. There were even some Guinness World Records set during the week. One of the events held in Cupertino California broke the world record for most electric cars in one place. Organizers brought together 507 EVs to show off to the public.

The goal of the events of the week was primarily to spread education on electric vehicles. Potential buyers and curious citizens gathered to the 152 events to experience electric vehicles first hand. The week consisted of information sessions and hundreds of test drives. The events were sponsored by Plug In America, The Sierra Club, and The Electric Auto Association.

Judging by the outcome of this years National Drive Electric Week it’s clear that EVs are becoming more and more acceptable as a viable option to the average buyer. One of the biggest obstacles raising the adoption rate of EVs has been is simply lack of education. But with events like these more and more education is being spread to the public and more individuals are beginning to see themselves driving a plug in or all electric vehicle.


Keep an eye out for next years drive electric week and find out more about this years here.