Top Electric Vehicle Networks – Part 3

As we think about how to get more electric vehicles on the road, there is one important piece to achieve this: infrastructure. This infrastructure will be supporting the growing number of electric vehicles on the road. Therefore, they are crucial to the furthering of EV fleets. In Part 1 we covered Aerovironment and Blink, in Part 2 we covered ChargePoint and NRG’s EVgo. Lastly, in part 3 we want to introduce you to 


Headquarters in s Bowie, MD, SemaConnect launched in 2008. SemaConnect has been able to rise in the EV charging industry through commercial charging. They focus in creating reliable charging stations and a compatible software.



Product: Their standard charger is their ChargePro Station. The charger is compact, durable, and able to be hung on walls or poles. The small shape of the charger makes them fit almost anywhere.


Services: SemaConnect has a great interactive software management service. Offering smart phone applications, charge station location, smart card authentication, secure log-in ID, and sustainability reports. They are able to bring together their users and station managers together.


Contact: (301)352-3730 or