Rockville-based Genovation Cars Inc. : G2 Model

Genovation Cars Inc., local to Rockville MD, is working on an even greener interpretation of the electric vehicle. Last year the company began phase-two of the G Series. According to Andrew Saul, CEO and founder of GCI, these vehicles aim to be “green in content, as well as very very efficient”.

The cars utilize recycled materials in their construction. “The G2, which would come in electric and hybrid versions, would be peppered with environmentally-friendly details. The body of the car would use soy-based resins, and carpets would include fabric made of recycled water bottles,” said Steve Rogers, the company’s co-founder, president and chief technology officer.

The G1 was developed through retrofitting a Ford Focus (one of the more common models on the road today) with the same intent to utilize renewable and recycled materials. The process of converting the Focus included introducing an electric motor, battery string, controller, instrumentation and generator, using off-the-shelf materials.

GCI’s goal in introducing a greening concept to the entirety of a vehicle can be a somewhat refreshing idea. How long until we are able to develop a fully zero impact product? A cradle to cradle process of innovation in the automotive world?

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