People’s Climate March: Recap

We’re you able to make it out to the People’s Climate March in New York City? Beforehand, officials were estimating that 100,000 people would join in the rally. Numbers vary, but it’s reported that 400,000 participants actually marched on September 21st with many more marching in solidarity in other locations. That makes the People’s Climate March the biggest climate rally in history. The crowds were enthusiastic while marching. They held up powerful signs and sang chants like, “Show me what democracy looks like–this is what democracy looks like!” Everyone was passionate about their individual causes as well as the overarching cause at hand: climate action. Within the march, an array of topics were represented from sustainable agriculture, to social justice, to clean energy. Specifically, the EV Bloc gathered with the clean energy section behind the big orange banner that said, “We have the solutions”, one of six sections in the march.

Check out this interview Inhabitat recently did with the Climate Tesla Ride, a team of sustainability leaders who drove to the march in a Tesla to prove that electric vehicles are a viable form of transportation. The trip was a total of 1,100 miles and took 27 hours to complete. In the interview, Chris Castro, co-founder of IDEAS for Us said, “As leaders of major environmental organizations, we wanted to lead by example and make our journey zero emissions from Orlando to NYC, using nothing but the Tesla Supercharger Network on the East Coast.” When asked what the connection is between electric vehicles and climate action, he responded, “Our dependence on foreign oil is a main contributor to anthropogenic climate change, and it impacts our economy and national security as well. Electrification of our transport is undoubtedly the solution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, and will inevitably be how people move to and from. The next steps are to make sure the electricity being used is coming from clean, renewable sources that eliminate the pollution that is attributed to transportation and mobility at a holistic level.”

I was able to attend the march and had many first-hand accounts of EV enthusiasts who also attended. While marching along with the crowd, I caught a sign that said, “Jesus would drive a Prius.” I overheard a conversation in response: “Naw, I think he’d drive a Tesla–maybe an electric-assist bicycle.” All the while, I saw an ELF electric-assist bike ride through the crowds. It was refreshing to see so many electric vehicle enthusiasts in one spot, all amongst hundreds of thousands of people who are passionate about climate action. Let’s hope that we as a collective global community can keep this energy up and make some real changes to climate policy. Let’s get charged for the next steps.