Elon Prepares Us for Tesla D

At an event in Los Angeles Thursday, Elon Musk confirmed some features of the new Tesla model he is calling the “D”.  There were many speculations what the Tesla D would feature, and not surprising to some, this new Tesla model will have all wheel drive (AWD), just like the Model S AWD.  It was also announced that the D will be able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Having speed similar to cars like the ferrari and AWD to appeal to car owners in the North and Midwest who  battle tough weather conditions, the Tesla D will be a leading vehicle to a vast array of  buyers.

Musk said in an interview that his favorite car is a vehicle known for racing features- the McLaren.  He compared the Tesla D to this vehicle saying that it will match the McLaren’s 3.2 second sprint to 60mph from zero mph.