Tesla Superchargers Come to Salisbury, MD!

Range anxiety has proven to be an immediate inhibition in purchasing a fully electric vehicle. A lack of charging infrastructure is the primary cause for such a concern. Without somewhere to charge, consumers are plagued with the thought of being stranded. This is especially true in more suburban/rural areas, where the expanse of land to transverse is dramatically increased.

Because it is easier to maintain an electric vehicle in an urban area many of the “early adopters” of infrastructure, fleet, and personal vehicles are city dwellers. We’ve spoken to many electric vehicle owners who are adamant about keeping a seperate gas powered vehicle for the occasional weekend trip, where extended mileage is a concern.

The introduction of Tesla Superchargers in Salisbury, MD (“Crossroads of Delmarva”, located at the intersection of Route 50 and Route 13) will enable trips to the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland a little easier. Equally, these stations service the residents of Salisbury. Visitors to the Centre at Salisbury are now able to obtain a full charge in the amount of time it takes to buy a new dishwasher, for free! (Charging, that is, not the dishwasher…)

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“Many of our stations are capable of delivering up to 120 kW to Model S, which can replenish half a charge in as little as 20 minutes, for free. It works by delivering DC power directly to the battery using special cables that bypass onboard charging equipment.” – Tesla Motors