$30k GM Bolt concept rivals Tesla 200-mile range


This past weekend the North American International Auto Show, held annually in Detroit, opened to the public. Hopefully if you were in the region you checked it out. It was only $13 to get in, which enabled you to see some of the coolest cars soon to debut on the market! One of those cars was the GM Bolt.

bolt   bolt2

Though the Bolt is merely a concept-car at the moment, GM CEO Mary Barra described the development of the Bolt to be a natural next step, following the production of the Chevy Volt. And why wouldn’t it be? The Bolt has an unheard-of 200 mile range coupled with a $30k pricetag. That’s pretty impressive considering the Tesla S, 60kWh battery option gets about the same, and costs more than twice as much. (Of course, the Tesla S is a little more swanky…seamless door handles? Dang…”good design”.)

General Motors CEO Mary Barra speaks next to the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric concept car and the 2016 Chevrolet Volt hybrid after they were unveiled during the first press preview day of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit

The Bolt concept is pretty cool too, though. It incorporates several different lightweight materials, such as aluminum, magnesium, and carbon fiber. The use of such materials is highly intentional, as a lighter vehicle requires less energy to propel. It also incorporates vented rear fenders for more aerodynamic zooming through the scenic countryside…which you can now reach, because you have 200 mile range!



What do you think of the new Chevy Bolt? (Looking good? Too future-y? Too….orange?)