EV Myth #1: “My Battery Will Catch On Fire If I Crash”

Electric vehicle fires are extremely rare. Fewer than a dozen EV battery fires have been recorded in the past 2 decades, and the causes have since been addressed by car makers. In fact, electric vehicles are much less likely to catch fire than traditional combustion engine cars. This is because the battery pack contains less potential combustion energy than your standard 15 or 20 gallon gas tank. In addition, EV manufacturers use circuit breakers that disconnect the batteries when the collision detectors become aware that the battery pack is about to sustain damage.


Greg Less PhD., senior laboratory manager of the UM Energy Institute Battery Fabrication Facility , summarized this, saying “Electric car batteries don’t blow up when they get bumped. All EV battery companies have tested the batteries with shaking, crushing, extra charging and more to make sure nothing will go wrong.”