BMW’s Light & Charge Concept Could Revolutionize EV Charging

Imagine a world where charging your electric vehicle was as simple as pulling under any streetlight. The Light & Charge Concept aims to do just that, and has already been implemented in Oxford, England. BMW engineers developed a light pole with adaptive LED lighting and integrated EV charge ports. BMW says the poles can be added onto existing infrastructures with streetlamps and use a universal J1772 connector.

Streetlamps are perfect for vehicle safety because they illuminate possible thefts. They can be easily converted because of the existing wiring, which also cuts down the significant cost of running conduit to charging stations. The poles also act as a perfect place to house a kiosk containing the credit card reader. Most importantly, streetlamps are more common than parking garages, parking meters, or anywhere else EV charging exists. The ability to charge at any street light may be possible in the near future.