June EV Sales Update

If you are interested in making the switch to zero emissions, it helps to know what electric vehicles are popular among consumers. Here are the top ten selling all-electric models for the month of June 2015*:

  1. Tesla Model S, 2800 sold
  2. Nissan Leaf, 2074 sold
  3. Chevrolet Volt, 1225 sold
  4. BMW i3, 551 sold
  5. Fiat 500e, 363 sold
  6. VW e-Golf, 293 sold
  7. Mercedes B-class Electric Drive, 242 sold
  8. Chevrolet Spark, 226 sold
  9. Ford Focus Electric, 150 sold
  10. Kia Soul EV, 109 sold

The Model S is leading the pack but the Leaf is close behind. BMW’s new i3 is keeping pace with the Volt in 2015 total sales. I personally recommend looking at the Leaf or the Spark if you want an affordable EV with good range. For something more sizable and family-friendly, check out the Volt.

*You can find this information and cumulative sales at InsideEVs.com