Innovative Electric Vehicles: Beyond the Traditional Car

In my last post, I scraped the surface of EVs that were not traditional cars (electric motorcycles) . Today, let’s look at innovative vehicles built for some unusual purposes that exploit the benefits of electric motors.

 1. What if I’m an avid hunter or golfer, and need to move through harsh terrain quietly?

If you want the ability to move through the woods without disturbing wildlife, or speed through an 18-hole course without getting on crowded golf-cart paths, look no further than the QuietKat portable electric all-terrain vehicle . The scooter-like three wheeled machine is able to climb 20 degree grades, tilt into corners, and travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. Unlike gasoline, the electric motors produce no scent that prey could pick up, allowing for an extremely stealthy entrance.


  1. What if I’m disabled, and need to get around the city independent of others?

If disabilities prevent you from driving a traditional vehicle, the only solutions are to buy an expensive modified van or to not drive at all. One company has developed a safe way for parapalegic or handicapped men and women to get around without getting out of their wheelchairs. The kenguru is a handicapped-oriented neighborhood electric vehicle with a large hatchback and open floorplan that accepts a wheelchair. The handlebar controls eliminate difficult foot pedals, and the EV can go 45 miles at up to 25mph.


Neighborhood electric vehicles are a government classification of EVs that are limited to 25mph or less. Because they aren’t as fast as domestic vehicles, they do not have to appeal to the same regulations, and can be made lighter and cheaper. The most common NEV isthe GEM, a common work vehicle for large facilities management groups.


  1. What if I have a lawn to cut, and want do it without gas fumes and loud noises?

If you’re sick of that loud, inefficient lawn tractor motor and its fragile drive belts then it’s time to upgrade to a quiet and efficient electric lawn mower. Cub Cadet is leading the way with the zero-turn, four-wheel steer beast that is the RZT S Zero. With a drive time up to an hour on a single charge, a quiet ride even while cutting, and cool seat in the absence of a scorching engine, these tractors make cutting the grass so much more enjoyable for both the lawn keeper and his neighbors.


  1. What if I’m a fisherman, and want a boat that is lighter, faster, and smaller than traditional boats?

If you wish to spend the day soaking up the rays, dropping a line, or enjoying any one of Maryland’s hundreds of lakes, you should be considering the hassle of a large boat. Traditional boats are heavy and require a huge outboard to move, but Maryland restricts all public lakes to electric power. The Freedom Electric Twin Troller is a small, two man boat that utilizes two electric motors for propulsion and steering. The boats are small enough for a truck bed yet stable enough to walk around on. Without an outboard hanging off the back, these machines can get through shallow water a larger boat could not. Best of all, you can be the king of any Maryland public lake and its electric only restrictions.