Battery Advancement through process, not design

A new company in Boston called 24M has made some bold claims involving batteries in EVs. One of those claims is that they can cut the costs of a battery-manufacturing plant “nearly ten-fold”. They plan to achieve these claims by changing the way lithium ion batteries are made. Company owner Yet-Ming Chiang and his colleagues have discovered many manufacturing issues with the lithium ion batteries that waste a lot of money and time, and his team is trying to use alternative methods instead of using these inefficient ones. For instance, Companies still use massive machines to coat material in an electrode slurry, drying it and adding an electrolyte. Chiang discovered that injecting a liquid electrolyte into cells at the start of the process saves over 22 hours of drying time. They have many more ideas to improve upon the battery production process that will make it more efficient. Its ideas like these that has 24M as a rising company in the battery manufacturing world and more people like this are needed to help innovate the EV world as a whole.