Gogoro Electric Scooters

Gogoro is a new Taiwanese startup company founded by Horace Luke and Matt Taylor. Luke has experience working for large companies such as Nike, Microsoft, and HTC. He has managed to raise over 150 million dollars to pursue his life’s passion. Using his talents as a smartphone designer, he has designed what he calls a smartscooter. It is all electric scooter that boasts all-LED headlights, taillights, and an always-on Bluetooth connection links into a smartphone companion app, where one can change a variety of vehicle settings. The key, a circular white fob, is completely wireless like in a modern car. One can even download new sounds for startup, shutdown, turn signals, and so on; it’s a bit of an homage to the founders’ roots at HTC, in an industry where ringtones are big business. The Smartscooter can go 0-31 mph in 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of 60 mph which is just a bit more than a Vespa 946’s top speed of 57 mph. However, the key feature of this scooter is the fact that one does not plug it in to recharge it. Horace’s plan is to set up battery stations throughout cities where one can simply swap dead batteries for fresh charged ones. This is an excellent idea for a people who are used to refilling their gasoline cars in a few minutes.