Ford Supercruiser1

Very soon one will be able to walk into a Ford dealership and see not only cars, trucks, and SUV’s, but also an electric bicycle. Ford continues to follow the legacy behind left by Henry Ford and that is to keep coming out with new, innovative designs that not only consumers like, but planet earth as well. The Ford electric bike has earned recognition from the electric bike experts. It was designed for Pedego by world-renowned bicycle architect Tony Ellsworth. The Ford electric bike provides a smooth, soft ride whether one is going up hills or pushing through strong headwind. The bike can accelerate from zero to 20 mph easily with a 48-volt battery and a powerful, yet efficient, 600-watt motor. It has a pedal-free range of 20 miles and costs $3695. Of course, one can pedal in combination with using the electric motor to extend the range even more, but 20 miles is very impressive. Charging is accomplished by either plugging the battery into a standard 120v AC outlet or the cigarette lighter of one’s car. Additionally, it has a crown fork with adjustable handlebars that hold a 7-speed geared twist shifter on the left and a throttle on the right. For added comfort, the handlebars can adjust in and out as well as up and down. Pedego’s team has built an electric bicycle that fits Ford’s required key design elements: sleek styling and a sporty feel that make riding fun. It is believed that electric bicycles will be/are the “gateway drug” that causes one to purchase an electric car later on.