This is the world’s first fully electric helicopter. It has 18 propellers and cost 5.4 million dollars to develop. Stephan Wolf, the co-chief executive of e-volo, the company behind the Volocopter sees it as a practical alternative to cars in the future. It is powered by a 100 kilogram battery and can travel at least 70 kilometers per hour. It recently made its first remote-controlled flight in a hanger in Karlsruhe, southwest Germany. The Volocopter weighs just 300 kilograms in total. Its current batteries allows it to only have enough power to fly for 20 minutes. Engineers are currently looking at ways to adapt a hybrid engine which would increase the flight time substantially. The Volocopter is much easier to fly than conventional helicopters due to its 18 propellers. In fact, if one were to let go of the control stick it would just hover in place by itself. A conventional helicopter would surely crash if one did that. The team at e-volo plans to sell their craft some time this year at price of $338,000.