While this is not electric, the Elio is perhaps a short-term solution to reducing oil consumption. This sporty looking car boasts three wheels, an unheard of 84 mpg, and a price of just $6,800. It is powered by a conventional 0.9 liter 3 cylinder gasoline engine that puts out 55 horsepower. It is made of the strongest and lightest weight materials available today which allows it to tip the scales a just 1,228 pounds. Most entry-level cars on the road today weigh 2,400 pounds. The fact that is light weight, has a small, efficient engine, and is half the width of nearly all cars on the road today (half the width means half the drag due to air resistance) allows it to get that 84 mpg and have a range of 672 miles. This will save billions of gallons of gasoline each year which in turn will drastically reduce green-house gas emissions. Now, one might be thinking that this sounds all well and good, but small cars are just plain unsafe to drive. This is not the case with the Elio. It has a Safety Management System that includes three airbags, a reinforced roll-cage frame, Anti-Lock Braking System, and 50 percent larger crush zones than similar vehicles. These will be available late 2015 and will be produced right here in the United States at the former General Motors Shreveport Assembly and Stamping Plant in Louisiana.